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Welcome to Sa Joie (saw zjwaw) where you can identify your body type and find the timeless, feminine, and classy styles that work best for you. We’re starting small and more styles are on the way. So be sure to subscribe to get notifications when new styles arrive.

Focus on Fit

Sa Joie creates bust enhancing, waist-defining, belly hiding, hip slimming, body balancing, curve creating, and overall figure-flattering clothing for women, particularly those with rectangle body shapes. We produce all styles exclusively in the USA in small, boutique production runs.

Find Your Fit

Meet Ninot

NinotΒ (knee-know)Β is one of our first style drops with many more styles on the way! The Ninot design is simple, carefree, and versatile with classic lines and a flawless fit. The luxurious easy-care fabric is silky and smooth with a voluptuous floral print that adds some romance to your basic black. We designed Ninot to create curves for I body types but we've found that she looks good on everybody including pear and inverted triangle figures. The Ninot Top and Ninot Skirt are offered as an ensemble (with a discount) and are part of our Travel Collection.

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  • I Body Type (Athletic, Straight, Rectangle)

    🌸 Hips and shoulders equal

    🌸 Waist not well defined

  • X Body Type (Hourglass)

    🌸 Hips and shoulders equal

    🌸 Waist well-defined

  • V Body Type (Inverted Triangle)

    🌸 Shoulders wider than hips

    🌸 Waist may or may not be well-defined

  • A Body Type (Pear, Triangle)

    🌸 Hips wider than shoulders

    🌸 Waist well-defined

  • Limited Production

    We produce a very limited number of each style at a time.

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  • Effortless Style

    Getting dressed is joyful and effortless when everything fits and flatters! Plus, most styles are easy-care.

  • Slow Fashion

    Quality, timeless styles designed to become a permanent part of your wardrobe.

  • Made in USA

    Designed in the Pacific Northwest. Hand sewn on the West Coast.

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